The elusive pursuit

What is between each breath?  The moment of now, only now, and with each breath we have the opportunity to CHOOSE how we feel.  What makes us feel good and in fact happy?  The experience of ALLOWING each moment to offer what it does, without force. The integrated experience of FLOW and HAPPINESS.  Are you ready?

Burnout is real

As we approach the end of the year, it is an opportune time to evaluate work-life balance and your current energy levels.  Are you getting enough sleep?  How would you evaluate the quality of your relationships?  How many hours of free time do you have to offer yourself space for relaxation and recreation?  How would you describe your overall mood?  If you are noticing a noticeable decline in any of these areas, I encourage a renewed commitment to yourself outside of the workplace.  Sometimes when we over-identify with work, we forget to develop our outside connections and interests which will sustain us far beyond the end of our work life.  Let’s model for our children and our colleagues that connection, fun, and self-care are not luxury, but essential to our overall wellbeing and happiness.  This very well could create a healthier work environment as well as a more connected family life.  And breathe…….




Teens and Anxiety


How are we supporting our kids in building their resilience or ‘mental muscle?’  It seems that increased opportunities for real life connection rather than through social media is a strong start.  Some steps to consider:  reduce amount of family time on devices, support emotional development through discussion and skill building in navigating disappointment and sadness, and increased time having fun outdoors.  A family meeting to discuss these steps encourages a whole team approach rather than focussing solely on the teen.  If connection with counselling supports is needed, working with the whole family is most beneficial to support improved communication, coping strategies, and wellbeing for all.



Wearing Positivity as a Badge

How can you get comfortable with negative emotion?  Identify the emotion, get clear on the cause, sit with it….yes really sit with it, and then consider what you need.  Is it self-care and a quiet moment, an opportunity to address a situation that no longer serves you, or simply a difficulty moment which will soon pass?  Authentic recognition that we all experience negative emotions creates space to support ourselves and each other in wearing authenticity as a badge.

Why we should say no to positivity — and yes to our negative emotions