What’s next, what’s correct, and how do I act?

Oh lazy days of summer how I adore you! But my goodness it is time to pay attention to this blog. For me, for you… As the numbers of vaccinated people in our families and social circles increase, we are finally able to embrace loved ones we haven’t connected with for 18 months or more and venture into safe social gatherings. Hello! This is great right?! It does seem we have more to navigate yet. There are still many questions about health and safety, regulations, mask/no mask and a wide range of readiness amongst our friends and family. As we move forward together, let’s honour where we are at as individuals. I know people who are refusing to be vaccinated – do I agree? No, but I accept their choice. Be gentle with yourself and others as we continue to determine what makes sense for our own comfort and wellbeing.

I meet with clients who have not had work or a social life for more than a year. Taking steps forward to engage with life and others again is mindful work and different for each individual. One thing we do know for sure is moving forward is the only answer. Change is inevitable. Many people are reconsidering HOW they wish to live post pandemic. This may look like a change in career, location, social connections, or values in answering the question, “What is truly important to me and how do I want to live my life?” I hope you enjoy the article below.


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