Let’s honour REST

Sleep and rest are not the same thing. In our society that places great value on individual production and achievement, the importance of sleep is frequently minimized. Science now supports the restorative value of a good nights sleep to fortify our physical and mental health, but we are also suffering from a rest deficit. Rest should equal restoration in these seven key areas of your life.

  1. Physical rest includes passive acts such as sleeping and napping but also active physical rest such as yoga, stretching, and massage therapy.
  2. Mental rest can be supported by scheduling short breaks throughout your workday and give yourself permission to slow down.
  3. Sensory rest is a helpful break from lights, noise, computer screens, and conversation. Close your eyes for a mindful minute and unplug from electronics.
  4. Creative rest allows you to connect to the wonders of life through nature and the arts. Get outside, listen to music, engage in a hobby.
  5. Emotional rest gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your personal needs and feelings which can reduce ‘people pleasing.’
  6. Social rest encourages us to engage with those relationships that energize rather than drain us. Surround yourself with supportive individuals.
  7. Spiritual rest allows us to connect to love, acceptance, and purpose through prayer, meditation, and community connection.
When I rest, I honour myself.

Renewal and Optimism

Dear clients and viewers,

I have been absent from my site for so long. Really since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020. Life changed dramatically for all of us and in my work world, counselling work, and personal life, the amount of time and energy spent online has left me with little desire to blog. But there is greater optimism and energy as Spring emerges and vaccines will soon be available. My energy is shifting and I am ready to connect more online. I am here and available for you as I continue to see clients in person as well as virtually. Check in. We’ve got this because we have each other. Be well.

Difficult Times

We are all experiencing unprecedented challenges in navigating the impact of Covid-19 on our daily lives.  The fear of the unknown including the wellbeing of our family and friends, the economy, our jobs, and the future.  It is key to do your best to follow a daily routine, eat healthy foods, get outside for some physical activity, limit your time to receive essential news updates, and connect with others via phone or FaceTime.  We need each other right now.  My deepest hope is that we will rebound from this experience with renewed gratitude for all of our blessings.  The ability to move and travel freely, shop for an abundance of foods, connect with others face to face, go to work, attend classes may have been taken for granted by most of us.  Breathe deeply, meditate, pray, play music, dance, and honestly share with friends and loved ones when things aren’t going well.  Let’s lean on each other a little more these days.  I am available for phone or online counselling sessions via Zoom going forward.  Please reach out anytime and we can schedule time.  Take good care.


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Twenty somethings


This talk resonated with me as I work with a number of amazing millennials who are sorting their way through their present and trying to envision their futures.  Often as these clients sit across from me I want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing they are! This statement resonated with me, Thirty is not the new 20, so claim your adulthood, get some identity capital, use your weak ties, pick your family.  Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do.  You’re deciding your life right now.” Your one precious life, and you are AMAZING!

The elusive pursuit

What is between each breath?  The moment of now, only now, and with each breath we have the opportunity to CHOOSE how we feel.  What makes us feel good and in fact happy?  The experience of ALLOWING each moment to offer what it does, without force. The integrated experience of FLOW and HAPPINESS.  Are you ready?