Let’s honour REST

Sleep and rest are not the same thing. In our society that places great value on individual production and achievement, the importance of sleep is frequently minimized. Science now supports the restorative value of a good nights sleep to fortify our physical and mental health, but we are also suffering from a rest deficit. Rest should equal restoration in these seven key areas of your life.

  1. Physical rest includes passive acts such as sleeping and napping but also active physical rest such as yoga, stretching, and massage therapy.
  2. Mental rest can be supported by scheduling short breaks throughout your workday and give yourself permission to slow down.
  3. Sensory rest is a helpful break from lights, noise, computer screens, and conversation. Close your eyes for a mindful minute and unplug from electronics.
  4. Creative rest allows you to connect to the wonders of life through nature and the arts. Get outside, listen to music, engage in a hobby.
  5. Emotional rest gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your personal needs and feelings which can reduce ‘people pleasing.’
  6. Social rest encourages us to engage with those relationships that energize rather than drain us. Surround yourself with supportive individuals.
  7. Spiritual rest allows us to connect to love, acceptance, and purpose through prayer, meditation, and community connection.
When I rest, I honour myself.

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