Anxiety and Depression – a holistic approach

Dr. Gabor Mate writes and lectures on expanding our understanding of mental illness and addictions. He states, “physical and mental illness are not aberrations but natural outcomes of a way of life inimical to genuine human needs. Treatment, therefore, must go beyond a focus on symptoms and diagnoses to address the causes of dysfunction from a bio-psycho-social perspective.” When I sit with a client who is struggling with anxiety and depression, I seek to understand all the facets of their past and daily life. We are not engines that need a simple tweak and we are ready to run at full capacity. We are complex individuals that require a holistic check up of all the areas of our life. Biology and Physical health – nutrition, sleep, vitamins, exercise, time in nature, massage, yoga, meditation, diagnosis and medication if needed. Psychological – identity, sense of self, purpose, learning, passion, joy. Social – love, connection, belonging (the antidotes to loneliness). If you are seeking this approach, please connect with me.

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