Grief and loss – there is no formula

When we lose someone we love, the pathway to healing is unique to the individual. Timelines, impact on daily functioning, and stages of grief can be unpredictable. These are some recommendations that have been shared by those who have experienced loss or are involved in the grief support process: (A. Greene, 2018).

  1. Accept some loneliness. When you begin to feel isolated, reach out to counselling supports and groups who are comfortable with grief and can help you move through the process.
  2. Choose good company. Connect with family, friends, and community primarily with those who can let you be “alone but not alone.”
  3. Be gentle with yourself. It will get easier over time but radical self-care and self-compassion are key.
  4. Get extra rest. Physical and emotional exhaustion are real.
  5. Set a regular sleep schedule.
  6. Get moving, walking, exercising preferably outdoors each day.
  7. Try and maintain a structured scheduled within your day with short term goals. A walk, a tea break with a friend, a time for a phone call, whatever feels right.
  8. Embrace all our emotions. They may come in waves or very abruptly in unexpected ways. Allow the emotions to come and seek help when you feel overwhelmed and feel that other supports are needed.

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