How to find the right counsellor for you

Making the decision to take care of your mental health is often a courageous action. Stepping into the office of a counsellor to share your story can sometimes be very daunting, even scary. It is essential that there is a match with your counsellor, that you feel safe and supported throughout the process, and have access to strategies and guidance towards meaningful change. The article below recommends allowing 6 sessions in order for a client to determine if the counsellor is a match to your needs. For practicality of time as well as benefit plans, I recommend a minimum of 2 sessions. This allows for enough time to see if therapeutic rapport is possible and for you to understand if the counsellor’s therapeutic framework suits you. By the end of session two, ideally you and the counsellor can formulate a treatment goal together which guides the work. It is important for you to let the counsellor know if this is not the right fit and they will happily refer you on to another counsellor. The goal is for you to find the right person to support your journey towards positive mental health.

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